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L. Scott Harrell
L. Scott Harrell is an established International Business Strategist. Innovator. Crusher of Obstacle. I've an established reputation for internet and offline startups, company growth and profitable business sales.

As a Startup Founder and CEO, Scott's primary focus now, VideoToOrder.com, is fulfilling the global interest in video content creation by bringing freelance video producers, editors and marketers jointly with buyers across a varied range of needs, budgets and languages.

VideoToOrder.com will undoubtedly be the premier video creation marketplace where buyers looking for video and video-related services can find freelance professionals that have the ability to create, edit and market all kinds of video content for them.

Based upon mountains of data that is empirical, it is clear that going into 2017 and well beyond, video content must be produced by companies to be able to compete for the dwindling attention of online consumers. The essential issue is very few small-scale and medium -sized businesses have:

✔ figured out the best way to actually create powerful video content,
✔ the time or equipment necessary to plan, shoot and edit their very own video content,
✔ the assurance to get before the video camera and “put themselves out there.” or,
✔ the expertise to correctly optimize, spread and market video content.

VTO solves these overwhelming challenges by bringing SMBs collectively with talented professionals who provide these types of services:

● Educational, how-to and explainer videos and whiteboard animation
● Freelance video editing
● Digital motion graphics design
● Video optimization, distribution and social marketing
● Voiceover, soundtrack and audio production services
● Stock video footage

If the requirement for affordable video content and distribution is a pain point, then VideoToOrder.com is the solution.

VideoToOrder.com is meeting the global demand for video content creation by bringing freelance video producers, editors and marketers together with buyers across a diverse range of needs, budgets and languages...

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