Thursday, March 16, 2017

6 Ways to Stand Out as a Voiceover Artist

As the digital era races forward, the need for voice-over professionals will increase exponentially. Today there are thousands of specialized YouTube channels, countless podcasts, educational videos, digital newspapers, video blogs, online radio stations and ebooks all competing for a piece of the listening audience. Naturally, this creates a great deal of demand for successful voice-over artists in the video publishing business.

Whether you are a star voice-over artist or are a freelancer just breaking into the business with a website and a few social media accounts, it is critical that you differentiate yourself from your competition. It is very typical for a producer to audition hundreds of voice over actors before choosing the perfect one. Your job is to be professional, be remembered and get the job.

Below you will find 6 ways to stand out as a voice-over artist:

1. Remain Calm at All Times

As with all artistic endeavors and business, your state of mind can greatly impact your voice over performance. Therefore, it is critical that you remain calm at all times, especially during your voice-over sessions. As a professional, you must train yourself to separate your emotional state from your work. Although it is normal to feel a bit nervous about the first few recordings, you will need to find a way to calm yourself. Otherwise the audience will hear this excited state in your voice. Many professionals find that they are able to calm their nerves through simple, counting exercises or repetitive deep-breathing exercises.

2. Speak Clearly

When recording a voiceover, it is imperative that you speak very clearly and enunciate every syllable properly. You must not mumble or speak too quickly. Keep your voice loud and clear. Eliminate any extraneous noises that can be heard during a recording session such as chewing gum, swallowing a drink, etc. You will also find that reading aloud several times each day will help train you to deliver messages in a loud, clear professional manner.

3. Match Your Tone of Voice With the Script

Always study the script thoroughly before you start your recording session. This is important because your knowledge of the script will determine your performance. During your recording session, the tone of voice that you use needs to deliver the exact emotion that is intended in the script. If the script requires a professional tone, then that is the only tone you can deliver. The more familiar you are with your script, the more you are able to perfect your delivery.

4. Be Yourself

Finding a unique tone of voice that sets you apart can seem like quite the challenge. However, most of the time, voiceover artists realize their success by just being themselves. For obvious reasons, your everyday voice will always be the the most natural for you to perform. Occasionally, however, video scripts may call for a different type of “character” to deliver the message. In this case, have fun experimenting and choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

5. Train With a Coach

Many voice-over professionals spend some time and money training with a professional voice coach.
Voice-over coaches are there to provide valuable tips and feedback on your performance. They can help with all aspects of voice over work: script interpretation, inflection, emotion, enunciation, delivery, etc. Your coach will be happy to work with you on your specific needs and learn new skills. The name of the game is quality; not quantity. The more quality work that you can produce, the more clients will seek your services. This can be one of the best investments for your business.

6. Master the Use of Microphone

Too often, people are afraid of the microphone and tend to shy away from it. As a voice-over artist, the microphone is your only friend. It is time to master the use of microphone. There are many different types of microphones on the market these days: hand-held, wireless, lapel mics, boom microphones and lavaliere mics just to name a few. The best way to get comfortable with microphones to to experiment with the various types. Some professionals find that using a handheld mic is helpful as it gives their hands something to do with extra nervous energy. On the other hand, many people like the freedom that a wireless or lapel mic provides. As a voice over professional, you will find that you spend a great deal of your time with a microphone. Therefore, your success depends on your ability to be comfortable and natural with a microphone.

In today's fast-paced digital age, videos have become the preferred method of communication. While this creates the need for freelance voiceover professionals, this also creates a great deal of competition for these jobs. By following the 6 tips above, you will be able to successfully differentiate yourself from your competition and increase your business.

Monday, March 13, 2017

4 Ways of Promoting Your Business via Video Marketing

ways to market your business with video
The 1979 hit by The Buggles, “Video killed the radio star” was ahead of its time. Few would’ve thought that 38 odd years later, video would not only kill the radio, but also slay the print, picture and dragon as well. But here we are, and video marketing has become the number one medium of selling products and services online. There are 50 ways in which businesses both large and small can use videos to promote and market their brand. 

Here four of my favorite ways that you can use video to market your business:


If a business wants to come across as caring and friendly a vlog is just what the doctor ordered. Reason being, there are a brazillion blogs on the internet, and a vlog is the cure every business should be looking for. Contrary to popular belief and my own stab at it, a vlog is supposed to be easy to produce and doesn't cost you much money either, mainly because vlogs are mostly personality driven, making them the best way to get the most bang for your buck.


If you what to take it up a notch you could always document the proceedings of your corporate event and post it on your website and social media accounts. Using videos, you can take the party to all those who couldn’t make it to your corporate event. Normally, event videos cost a lot more than other types of videos, but they do pay off in the long run. The video freelancer you hire will have to use multiple cameras to do your corporate event video justice. Another way to boost your business with videos is by using 6 to 10 second video snippets of your event which can then be posted on Vine or Instagram. The montage form of promoting a corporate is gaining traction right now and should be used to promote your brand online. A great event video can without a doubt increase your company’s online presence in a way that the event alone never could.


The popularity of TED Talks can be measured by the fact that they are now available on Netflix, which says a lot. These short, but interesting format is immensely popular mainly because of the quality of its speakers and the topics that they choose. While some might argue that TED Talks is a global platform which has a global reach, every business can create a compelling presentation which is a mix of an event combined with a webinar. Businesses can give targeted presentations at a small scale or at company events, and that share them on their website and social media to increase their engagement.

Product Reviews

Another way of promoting your business through the video format is by making videos of product reviews, especially those that are popular amongst your customers. Online retailers such as Amazon rely heavily on the trustworthiness of their product reviews. Although you don’t operate on the same scale as some of the big names in online retail such as Amazon or eBay, you can make product reviews on your products and on other products as well that are relevant and could be useful to your customers. Just think about how happy you will make your customers when they come across a good product that was referred by you on your website or your social media account.

Did you know that content is the reason search began. So, use more videos in your marketing campaigns and don’t forget to diversify the videos you use as part of your marketing strategy.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Using Video to Market Your Business

The Upside to Video Marketing

Video marketing is a fundamental tool for virtually any search engine marketing campaign. It is a quick and easy way to get your message across and also keep your website’s bounce rate low. Video marketing is critical in link-building. It is the new wave to make money online. Video marketing might just be the proper tool for your small business enterprise. It is definitely a powerful way to increase website traffic.

Corporate video production is among the most truly effective video marketing techniques. Another benefit to video marketing is the fact that the videos show up highly within the search engine result pages, but in addition it shows up with an image of the video. There are many important factors which make video marketing so powerful. Before you even begin recording you should choose who you want your target market to be from video marketing. So, if you aim to use video marketing as your own strategy in promoting your company, it's crucial to consider video search engine optimization (SEO) from the outset and be thinking about the appropriate tags to your own videos.

Video Marketing
It's not easy to undertake video marketing. In case you have no idea where to start with internet video marketing, you too can employ an independent video expert to aid you. Some facts about the utilization of video marketing you ought to know are listed below. Although it has become popular, it has to go a long way. Twitter with video promotion is probably the most effective combination of complementary technology ever invented.

Pick a video you would like to post to your own blog. When you start using internet video marketing you have to first decide where you are going to use it. So begin in video marketing by abiding by these 5 tips. 

This video marketing tip should be held in mind constantly. Unlike article marketing, it demands more in terms of finance as it can be expensive to produce a high quality video. However, this is one strategy that can see high return on investment, fast. The entire reason behind internet video marketing would be to personally brand yourself. 

The point is there are many diverse factors which work together to make video marketing beyond the range of the typical individual or little business proprietor. Small businesses too can gain advantage of video marketing due to its low price.

In the world of business, brainstorming is most commonly done in groups. Yes this does take time, but it's a normal element of building a quality video for marketing purposes. Bringing in the ideas of multiple people will result in a more engaging video once the product is completed.

To be successful, you should surround yourself as well as learn from successful business people. There's absolutely no awful idea while brainstorming, but every idea must be on target. This offers loads of opportunity. - L Scott Harrell 

The business offers a vast range of web marketing services. Multi-level marketing is actually a fabulous way to begin earning today. While much of this micro video promotion is relatively new, there isn't much information regarding established best practices but there's information of marketers using all these tools as well as their successful campaigns. If you don't currently utilize online video marketing to construct your company, you are losing out big time. By using strong video marketing techniques it is possible to reignite interest in your site and distinctly boost your brand. 

This informative article is for all those small business owners that want to use online video marketing to secure more customers for their small company. In this article I'm going to teach you the way to utilize video marketing the appropriate way, to help your company, not harm it.

Video Marketing Explained

YouTube channels are exactly the same. Newsletters rich in content are an excellent strategy to include discounts and specials. In regards to video marketing secrets, it's vital to tag your videos properly so as to make it simpler to find in the various search engines. Give very good content they desire. You don't have to look or sound as a TV broadcaster to utilize video marketing effectively. You ought to think about your own broadcast message, with the aim of growing information from their response for their interests. 

People prefer to hear your message along with your message might help somebody else. It's an extremely strong medium that lots of marketers are nowadays using to literally catapult their online businesses into success. The only thing your viewers will want is honesty from you. In case you are only releasing sales pitches, you'll lose your audience. Video marketing for the current network marketer is similar to netting for a fisherman and you are losing out if you are not creating videos for your company.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to Start a Blog and Then Keep it Going

Together with the death of Facebook’s free all-natural reach for brands and companies, a lot of my friends and I are using Google+ and going back to blogging, and for good reason: Google Plus has been demonstrated to drastically increase the search engine rankings of affiliated website contents. Websites continue to be among the most crucial ways a business can convey their marketing message, communicate brand values and connect with customers without “selling.”

“The secret of change will be to focus your energy all, not on fighting with the old, but on assembling the new.” Socrates

“Only what's the ‘secret sauce’ in regards to maintaining and starting a successful website to your company?” Blogging pro, John Egan offered these 13 tips via his article on PR Daily:

L Scott Harrell - How to Start a Blog and Keep It Going
1. Use Wordpress. - It's FREE, looks excellent and is very simple to use!

2. Your "About us” page is important! - By telling your readers a little about yourself establish the tone and context for your own site. You could always link to or embed your page as well.

3. Brainstorm. - You’ve got to have a summary of go-to articles for when you're at a loss for other ideas and topics to blog about.

4. Concentrate on high quality content. - Take your own time plus offer value to your own subscriber. It will have them coming back for more!

5. Use photographs. The “visuals” are often what's going to entice subscribers to your site for the first time.

6. Read other blogs. - Great for getting new content ideas and enhancing your personal site. Thoughtfully commenting on different sites is, in addition, a GREAT way to develop your own traffic.

7. Post several times a week. - Writing consistently both develops your blog’s following and helps defeat writer’s block.

8. Market your blog. -  No one else will do it for you.

9. Make a list! "List posts", like this one, get read more frequently than lengthy narratives and diatribes.

10. Get away from “all business, all of the time.” - Reveal your readers your personal side, it helps create a deeper connection together.

11. Avoid politics (and religion) unless that's "your thing." - Polarizing issues have a tendency to alienate readers of business-related sites.

12. Share the workload. - Hire a content development team or article writer and let them do the heavy lifting.

13. Don’t pursue the money. - Build it first, supply overwhelming value and find methods to make money for your own time and effort. As I said in a previous post on my personal blog about earning profits online and with sites:

Yes! People are making money using their websites, it is obviously possible but it needs a SHIT TON of patience, a viable monetization strategy, a niche focus and extremely real WORK.