Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Use of Drones in Private Investigation, Security and Competitive Intelligence

There’s something appealing about being a private investigator. Maybe it’s because they’re so slick and suave in the movies, but we all wish at times that we could be as sharp and witty as the freelance detectives of the silver and small screens. If you have a drone, however, this is a dream that may be a reality sooner than you think.

More and more drone pilots are being called forth to work in the fields of intelligence and security. If you have a drone, you could be monetizing your skills in these fields of work – and here’s how.

Private Investigation

It’s pretty obvious that drones aren’t exactly inconspicuous. They aren’t UFOs, but they are noticeable pieces of modern technology. Tail a person with a drone and they’ll pretty soon figure out they’re being followed in most cases – it can be hard to ignore a drone if it’s large enough and flying close.

Still, in 2015 BBC reported on a private detective that was using drones as tools during stakeouts. The tiny cameras that could be placed onto a small drone would be discreet enough to film the individuals he was gathering information on without being caught. Private detectives don’t automatically have experience flying a drone, however, which is why offering your own piloting services to one may also be wise.


Drones have the capability to fly long distances while simultaneously having a decent power system that allows them to fly for long periods of time. Equip a drone with a GoPro or similar device and you essentially have a mobile security camera.

More and more businesses and property owners are using drones for surveillance, and utilizing your own drone for this purpose can be an easy way to get a part time desk job. In fact, most freelancers in the field of competitive intelligence and security work make their living off of surveillance jobs. All you need is your drone, a camera and a computer (or other device) to watch the live feed from.


Let’s say you want to get some information about what your biggest rival is up to – what better way to get that data than to spy? Drones are being used for just that in the world of business; a world where getting the one-up on your competition can be the quickest and surest way to success.

If one business wants to know what another business is doing, an easy way to snoop is through drones used for competitive intelligence. Smaller mini drones can easily be sent into “enemy territory” to gather data, and you’ll be amazed at how many businesses will pay top dollar for this kind of sleuthing.

In the past, all of these drone jobs were taken up by helicopter pilots, advanced security systems and people willing to put in expansive man-hours to get crucial information. As it goes with most industries, drones are now making things a lot easier. As a drone owner, you have potential in this market. Tap into it by offering your security and snooping services to PIs and businesses. You’re sure to get a few bites.


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