Friday, June 23, 2017

Freelancers Must Use Social Media to Promote Their Gigs

Freelancers Must Use Social Media to Promote Their Gigs

Let’s sum up why I think NOT linking to your gig pages and freelance marketplace profiles from your social media accounts is really bad advice:

Do you know what happens when you do not advertise or market your business?


Do you know what’s worse than nothing?

Putting in time and effort and paying money to develop the infrastructure of your business… only to get more nothingness.

If you’re more afraid of the competition than nothingness, shut your business down now and save yourself the stress of being an entrepreneur.

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Why Freelancers MUST Market Their Services Through Social Media

I have a friend that offers voice-over business consulting services primarily to those who are new to the voiceover profession. In his usually very sound advice he advocates offering VO, narration and voice acting services through freelance marketplace websites, like, and others.

He actually suggests setting up profiles and offering gigs in not one website, but in as many sites as possible – and I’m totally onboard with that.

Yesterday he posted a video in which he advocated offering freelance voice services through gig economy websites but then he said something odd.

He said, this:

“Do not post links to your gig pages from your social media profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.”

The reason he gave was equally shocking:

“If you send a potential customer to a freelance marketplace then you run the risk that the buyer is just going to find your competition who will beat you on price and quality.” (Not a direct quote but that’s the abridged version.)

I was sitting there, with my chin on the floor, thinking,

“He can’t be serious. Can he???”

Needless to say, we needed to respond...

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