Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to Start a Blog and Then Keep it Going

Together with the death of Facebook’s free all-natural reach for brands and companies, a lot of my friends and I are using Google+ and going back to blogging, and for good reason: Google Plus has been demonstrated to drastically increase the search engine rankings of affiliated website contents. Websites continue to be among the most crucial ways a business can convey their marketing message, communicate brand values and connect with customers without “selling.”

“The secret of change will be to focus your energy all, not on fighting with the old, but on assembling the new.” Socrates

“Only what's the ‘secret sauce’ in regards to maintaining and starting a successful website to your company?” Blogging pro, John Egan offered these 13 tips via his article on PR Daily:

L Scott Harrell - How to Start a Blog and Keep It Going
1. Use Wordpress. - It's FREE, looks excellent and is very simple to use!

2. Your "About us” page is important! - By telling your readers a little about yourself establish the tone and context for your own site. You could always link to or embed your page as well.

3. Brainstorm. - You’ve got to have a summary of go-to articles for when you're at a loss for other ideas and topics to blog about.

4. Concentrate on high quality content. - Take your own time plus offer value to your own subscriber. It will have them coming back for more!

5. Use photographs. The “visuals” are often what's going to entice subscribers to your site for the first time.

6. Read other blogs. - Great for getting new content ideas and enhancing your personal site. Thoughtfully commenting on different sites is, in addition, a GREAT way to develop your own traffic.

7. Post several times a week. - Writing consistently both develops your blog’s following and helps defeat writer’s block.

8. Market your blog. -  No one else will do it for you.

9. Make a list! "List posts", like this one, get read more frequently than lengthy narratives and diatribes.

10. Get away from “all business, all of the time.” - Reveal your readers your personal side, it helps create a deeper connection together.

11. Avoid politics (and religion) unless that's "your thing." - Polarizing issues have a tendency to alienate readers of business-related sites.

12. Share the workload. - Hire a content development team or article writer and let them do the heavy lifting.

13. Don’t pursue the money. - Build it first, supply overwhelming value and find methods to make money for your own time and effort. As I said in a previous post on my personal blog about earning profits online and with sites:

Yes! People are making money using their websites, it is obviously possible but it needs a SHIT TON of patience, a viable monetization strategy, a niche focus and extremely real WORK.


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